Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Finished Counting Down

Things I have heard from friends or others around Darden in the past two weeks:

·         “OMG, I only have, like, 10 more days of classes left in my MBA career”

·         “Wow, this is like the last Darden Cup event I’ll ever get to go to. So Sad”

·         “This time next month we won’t even be students here anymore”

·         “Only 2 more weeks left in college”

Enough. Everyone needs to stop counting down every single Darden event like we are a bunch of MBA students on graduation death row. Well I hate to break it to each of you but:

·         In two years you’ve complained about every single class here

·         You suck at sports and never show up at Darden Cup anyway

·         Yea, this time next month it also won’t be April anymore. Get over it

·         Ok, I’m the one who said this. Punching myself now.

 I’m as guilty of it as anyone. It started back in the fall for me. Suddenly everything was the “last” of something.

The last home football game.

The last day of fall leaves on the trees.

Then it carried into Winter.

The last recruiting event (I don’t even like recruiting events).

The last snowstorm (I really don’t like snow and hope I never see it again).

Finally, when it was starting to get really bad this spring before I realized something I’d been forgetting lately: mainly, that I am a huge idiot. What is the point of counting everything down? It doesn’t make anything more enjoyable, it just makes you sadder because you think about how much you’ll miss it. I’ve got to wake up to reality: this thing called business school is not a sustainable lifestyle. I mean let’s look at my life right now:

·         I have way less money at 27 than I did at 25

·         I pretty much go out six nights a week, much to the chagrin of my health

·         For the most part I think I’ve reached the apex of my MBA learning; one more quarter and I might start getting dumber

·         The money thing.

I am sorry to say this, but everyone needs to be a little less nostalgic. It just makes things a little less fun. Let’s save the nostalgia for the reunions. For now let’s just forget all that and enjoy what has already been an amazing spring in Charlottesville. If you feel the need, however, to come up and tell me about something awesome that is about to end, at least buy me a drink first. Then we can toast to it and celebrate instead of commiserate.  

Dave’s Awesome Song:

Domino by Jessie J

The Graduation Song by Vitamin C [kidding]

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  1. Awesome post Dave. I spent the first couple weeks of April being nostalgic and I'm so over it. Like you, it didn't make the time any more enjoyable for me. Probably less so. Time to make the most of the next couple weeks and look forward to our summers ahead!

  2. "Then we can toast to it an celebrate instead of commiserate."

    - Will "an" be the last typo for this blog?

  3. I can imagine how tough it is to leave Darden. I am just about to start my MBA journey and am really excited.