Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My New Year Resolutions

Good Lord do I hate New Year’s. It is easily the worst holiday of the year, way worse than Columbus Day, President’s Day, Valentine’s Day (which has overshadowed every single one of my birthdays since I was 5). To celebrate it people spend an absurd amount of money on ridiculous parties instead of just paying 10 bucks for a case of Schlitz like they normally do. At midnight everyone blows their stupid party favors and celebrates a meaningless change of dates. Then to top it off the next day there is a ton of meaningless college bowl games (somebody please fix the BCS). 

The worst part though, is those pesky New Year resolutions, the promises we make to ourselves to accomplish during the year and then break two weeks later. That being said, it makes a great topic for a blog post! So, without fail, here are 2012 New Year resolutions:

1.       Don’t let myself get SAD this winter.

First, let me clarify what I mean by SAD. I’m not talking about the emotion, but Season Affective Disorder, a seasonal depression that comes with short days, cold weather, and a complete lack of energy. I’ve been getting this for as long as I can remember. Anyone who lives in the Mid Atlantic can attest to how it happens:

·        a beautiful fall season turns into in ability to leave work before its dark
·        suddenly no one wants to leave their couch
·        the simplest task like taking out the trash becomes an expedition involving several layers of clothing, slips on icy driveways, and howling winds.

To confess, I’m not off to a good start with this. You would think that winter break for most B-school students would be awesome but unless you get to spend most of it on a beach on Cabo, its not. Its boring, no one is around, and you find yourself actually looking forward to classes starting. Still, I’m going to fight SAD with a steady dose of working out, exposure to sunlight, Hoos basketball games, and finding as many reasons to get out of my apartment as I can. I’m optimistic on this one.

2.       Make good on an investment.

I recently lost someone very important to me when my Grandfather passed away just after Christmas. There is really no way to put into words what he meant to me. This was a man who supported me emotionally, financially, spiritually, and intellectually for all of my adult life. He was always there to offer guidance on anything from my career to my family to my friends.  But more than anything, Grandpa Al was my friend. I could call him anytime to talk about the Yankees, politics, and life. When I had a chance to take a vacation, I usually included a trip to spend time with him. For a guy who lived through the Great Depression, served in World War II, then put himself through an Ivy League school before working in the Intelligence community for the next 60 years, he was a really, really cool guy.

Every opportunity I had to talk with him, I always thanked him for everything and he would respond the same way: “You’re the best investment I’ve ever made”. As I move through the next year and the big changes it holds, and really all the years after that, I will always remember that. At every turn I will try to make sure I make his immense investment in me worth it.

3.       Make 3 friends in San Diego.

On a lighter note, I’m moving across the country in August and 3,000 more miles away from home than I’ve ever lived before. Needless to stay I need to meet people. I’ll start conservatively in 2012 and hopefully by the end of 2013, I’ll have enough friends to play a 3-on-3 beach volleyball game.

4.       Try to actually write this blog more often.

I’m not making any promises on this one . . .

Happy 2012 to everyone. Stay tuned.

Dave's “Awesome Songs”
Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa – “Young, Wild & Free”
Miranda Lambert – “Baggage Claim” (note: can’t wait to go see her live at JPJ in three weeks)

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  1. im sorry to read about your loss. i know he meant a lot to you.

  2. Great thoughts (though #4 might be a challenge). Sorry about your loss.